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Regenerative Nurturing

The approach to child raising that reclaims the village and involves all adults in the work of nurturing themselves, the children, and thus the whole world.

May we all walk towards a fertile future
Meet Amelia

"I believe it is every adult's responsibility to hold safe and comfortable space for children. Most importantly, their inner child."
-Jessica Walters, Blooming Minds Founder


My name is Jessica Walters

Early Childhood Educator, Program Director, Regenerative Education Consultant & Family Support Facilitator

My approach to facilitating family support is based in regenerative nurturing, a concept that interweaves meaningful relationship, neuroplasticity, cognitive science, and belonging. My journey began with my own healing and reaching profound conclusions through studying the brain and human development. We know that the early years of life are a formative time and that how safe and loved children feel, impacts their social emotional skills for the rest of their life. I honor the differences in each developing mind, and honor parents and caregivers as the first teachers in a child’s life.


As an educator, and early childhood program director I embody joyful, compassionate presence with children. I adapt to the child's perspective through understanding cognitive development and meet them fully in meaningful relationships. I hold a container of developmentally appropriate education through growing authentic connection, building responsive systems, and ensuring developmentally appropriate practice.

I want to help you feel safe and comfortable holding space for all children, especially your inner child.

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Why Naturopathy

What is Regenerative Nurturing?

It is raising the youth so the whole world can be nourished


The soil of nurturing is relationships, creating meaningful relationships helps us feel safe in the world. Belonging grows when we approach relationships with children in a way that honors their autonomy, sovereignty, depth of feeling and emotional expression.

Reframing Reaction

Changing the pattern of labeling disregulated behavior as negative and instead referring to those emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, rage, etc. as survival emotions. When an understanding of cognitive development is integrated into our relationships with children and self, we learn that reactions aren't personal, they're programmed.

Understand Patterns

Empowered by metacognition every human has the capacity to utilize neuroplasticity and rewire their reactions. Understanding the relationship between the prefrontal cortex and limbic system  is compassion inspiring when meeting the sometimes confusing and abrasive behavior of developing bodies.


Meet your inner child in your adulthood and parent again the wounded parts of your cognition that stunted your emotional maturity, or regulation, holding softly that which was once met with pain. When we are able to reach that place where we are soft in our heart with our inner child, that is where we will meet the children.


Our brains' infinite ability to shape and change, wiring and rewiring, wasn't discovered until about 25 years ago. Many of us are born from the stagnancy and pressure of being fully set in your personhood once reaching the era of adult. Yet, we have the limitless potential to become new with each breath.

Creating the Village

When we choose to meet ourselves in the depths of our experience and thus can met children there too, we are ready to show up fully in all spaces of our community. The children always need more arms to be held. We are the elders we wish for.









Let's Grow Our Connection


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